• Christos Zaroliagis received the prize award 2012 for Academic & Scientific Excellence awarded by the Greek Ministry of Education and Religious Affairs in the field of mathematics and information sciences, for the excellent performance accomplished by the ARRIVAL project. Seven prizes are awarded annually, each one corresponding to a different scientific field (humanities and arts, biosciences, energy and environment, social sciences, engineering sciences, mathematics and information sciences, physical sciences). ARRIVAL was awarded among 68 submissions in the field of mathematics and information sciences (the total number of submissions for the 2012 award prizes exceeded 300). ARRIVAL in the Ministry’s excellence initiative, under the title Algorithms of Optimizing Railway Transport (GR)


  • Sebastian Stiller (TUB member) received the 2009 Dissertation Award of the German OR Society

  • The TUE team, involving Cor Hurkens (site leader) and Maciej Modelski, won the first prize in the Junior Category of the 2009 ROADEF Challenge


  • The EUR and DEI teams won the prestigious 2008 Edelman Award considered as the Nobel Prize of applied operations research (see the relevant video)

  • Daniel Delling (UniKarl member) received the ESA 2008 Best Student Paper Award

  • David de Almeida (SNCF member) received the WCRR 2008 prize for the best paper addressing operational issues

  • Lars K. Nielsen and Daniel Potthoff (EUR members) won the first and second prize, respectively, in the 2008 Student Paper competition of the Railway Application Section of INFORMS

  • Anita Schoebel (UniGoe site leader) received the 2008 Preis des Stiftungsrates der Univ. Goettingen fuer Oeffentlichkeitsarbeit

  • Denis Huisman, Leo Kroon and Gabor Maroti (EUR members) won the 2008 Impact on Management Award of the ERIM


  • Cor Hurkens (TUE member) received the First Prize of the 2007 ROADEF Challenge

  • Anita Schoebel (UniGoe site leader) received the 2007 Klaproth-Preis for her railway-related research

  • Leen Stougie (site leader of TUE) received the 2006 Harold W. Kuhn Award for his pioneering work in stochastic programming

  • Christian Liebchen (TUB member) received the:
    • 2007 HEUREKA Foerderpreis of young scientists for his theoretical and practical work on Transport Optimization
    • 2006 Dissertation Award of the German OR Society
    • 2006 Dissertation Prize of the Transportation Science & Logistics Society (subdivision of INFORMS)