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Multiobjective Optimization: Improved FPTAS for Shortest Paths and Non-linear Objectives with Applications
George Tsaggouris and Christos Zaroliagis
Theory of Computing Systems, 2008, to appear
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0001.pdf, details ]
A Game-Theoretic Approach to Line Planning
Anita Schoebel, Silvia Schwarze
Proc.6th Workshop on Algorithmic Methods and Models for Optimization of Railways - ATMOS 2006
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0014.pdf, details ]
A Class of Infinite Potential Games
Justo Puerto, Anita Schoebel and Silvia Schwarze
accepted for publication by Mathematical Methods of Operations Research, to appear 2008
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0016.pdf, details ]
QoS-aware Multicommodity Flows and Transportation Planning
George Tsaggouris and Christos Zaroliagis
Proc.6th Workshop on Algorithmic Methods and Models for Optimization of Railways - ATMOS 2006
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0030.pdf, details ]
Using Flow Reliability Conditions in Robust Rapid Transit Network Design
Ángel Marín, Juan A. Mesa, Federico Perea
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0033.pdf, details ]
Rapid Transit Network Robustness Indices: From the Topological to the Operational Viewpoint
Antonio J. Lozano, Juan A. Mesa, Francisco A. Ortega
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0053.pdf, details ]
Urban Rapid Transit Network Capacity Expansion
Ángel Marín, Patricia Jaramillo
Submitted to EJOR
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0054.pdf, details ]
Location of infrastructure in Urban Railway Network
Ángel Marín, Ricardo García-Ródenas
Submitted to C&OR
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0055.pdf, details ]
The Maximum Capacity of a Line Plan is Inapproximable
Christina Puhl, Sebastian Stiller
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0067.pdf, details ]
Computational Game Theory: An Introduction
Paul G. Spirakis and Panagiota N. Panagopoulou
To appear as a chapter in "Algorithms and Theory of Computation Handbook"
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0069.pdf, details ]
Stop Location Design in Public Transportation Networks: Covering and Accessibility Objectives
Dwi R. Poetranto, H.W. Hamacher, S. Horn, A. Schöbel
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0095.pdf, details ]
Integrating Line Planning, Timetabling, and Vehicle Scheduling: A customer-oriented approach
Mathias Michaelis and Anita Schöbel
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0096.pdf, details ]
Path Player Games: Analysis, Generalization and Application
Silvia Schwarze
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0110.pdf, details ]
Robust Line Planning through Elasticity of Frequencies
Spyros Kontogiannis and Christos Zaroliagis
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0136.pdf, details ]
Algorithmic Methods for Railway Optimization
Frank Geraets, Leo Kroon, Anita Schoebel, Dorothea Wagner, Christos Zaroliagis (editors)
LNCS volume 4359
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0145.pdf, details ]
A new concept of robustness
Ricardo Garcia, Angel Marin, Juan A. Mesa, Doroteo Verastegui, Federico Perea
ATMOS 2007
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0147.pdf, details ]
The Maximum Trip Covering Location Problem with an Alternative Mode of Transportation
Mark Körner, Juan A. Mesa, Federico Perea, Anita Schöbel, Daniel Scholz
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0148.pdf, details ]
Integrating timetabling, network and line design
F, Barber, L. Ingolotti, A. Lova, A. Marin, J. Mesa, F. Ortega, F. Perea, P. Tormos
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0151.pdf, details ]
Designing Robust Rapid Transit Networks with Alternative Routes
G, Laporte, A. Marin, J. A. Mesa, F. Perea
to appear in Journal of Advanced Transportation
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0152.pdf, details ]
Linien-, Fahrplan-, Umlauf- und Dienstplanoptimierung: Wie weit können diese bereits integriert werden?
Christian Liebchen
HEUREKA 2008 Tagungsbericht
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0154.pdf, details ]
Anschlüsse, Bahnhöfe, Fahrpreise: Diskrete Optimierung im öffentlichen Verkehr
Anita Schöbel
Heureka, 2008
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0156.pdf, details ]
Stackelberg routing in arbitrary networks
V. Bonifaci, T. Harks, G. Schäfer
WINE 2008, INOC 2009
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0161.pdf, details ]
A Game Theory Framework for the Robust Transportation Network Design Problem
Gilbert Laporte, Juan A. Mesa, Federico Perea
Submitted to Transportation Research B
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0171.pdf, details ]
Incentive-Compatible Robust Line Planning
Apostolos Bessas, Spyros Kontogiannis, and Christos Zaroliagis
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0194.pdf, details ]
LinTim — A Toolbox for the Experimental Evaluation of the Interaction of Different Planning Stages in Public Transportation
Michael Schachtebeck and Anita Schöbel
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0206.pdf, details ]
Integrating Robust Network Design and Line Planning under Failures
Ángel Marín, Juan A. Mesa and Federico Perea
Submitted to the special ARRIVAL number in Lecture Notes in Computer Science
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0218.pdf, details ]
How the topology of a transportation system affects its robustness
De-Los-Santos, A., Mesa, J.A. and Perea, F.
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0220.pdf, details ]
Optimal Allocation of Fleet Frequency for Strategies of Stop Reduction in Railway Systems
J.A. Mesa, F.A. Ortega and M.A. Pozo
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0222.pdf, details ]
Locating a Metro Line in a Historical City Centre: Application to Sevilla
Gilbert Laporte, Juan A. Mesa, Francisco Ortega and Miguel Pozo
to appear in the Journal of the Operational Research Society
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0223.pdf, details ]
Evaluating the Passenger Robustness of a Urban Railway Network
Alicia De-Los-Santos, Juan A. Mesa and Federico Perea
a preliminary version was presented at RailZurich2009
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0224.pdf, details ]
D^2-Tree: A Determenistic Distributed-Tree Structure for Peer-to-Peer Networks
G.S. Brodal, S. Sioutas and K. tsichlas
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0231.pdf, details ]
An Experimental Study of QoS-aware Multicommodity Flow
Apostolos Bessas and Christos Zaroliagis
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0232.pdf, details ]
Robust Line Planning under Unknown Incentives and Elasticity of Frequencies
Spyros Kontogiannis and Christos Zaroliagis
Proc. 8th Workshop on Algorithmic Approaches for Transportation Modeling, Optimization, and Systems — ATMOS 2008
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0233.pdf, details ]
Evaluating Network Robustness: Application to Metro Systems
Elisa Calvo, Juan Antonio Mesa
MSc Thesis
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0238.pdf, details ]
Total: 34 TRs in this category.

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