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Mixed-Integer Cuts from Cyclic Groups
Matteo Fischetti and Cristiano Saturni
Mathematical Programming A, Digital Object Identifier (DOI) 10.1007/s10107–006–0726–4, 2006
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0002.pdf, details ]
How tight is the corner relaxation?
M. Fischetti, M. Monaci
to appear in Discrete Optimization, 2007
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0003.pdf, details ]
Projected Chvatal-Gomory cuts for Mixed Integer Linear Programs
P. Bonami, G. Cornuejols, S. Dash, M. Fischetti, A. Lodi
Matematical Programming A, DOI 10.1007/s101070060051-y, 2006
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0004.pdf, details ]
MIPping closures: an instant survey
M. Fischetti, A. Lodi
Graphs and Combinatorics 23, 133–243, 2007.
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0005.pdf, details ]
Repairing MIP infeasibility through Local Branching
M. Fischetti, A. Lodi
Computers and Operations Research 35, 1436–1445, 2007
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0006.pdf, details ]
A rolling stock circulation model for combining and splitting of passenger trains
Pieter-Jan Fioole, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti, Alexander Schrijver
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0010.pdf, details ]
Track assignment
Sabine Cornelsen and Gabriele Di Stefano
Journal of Discrete Algorithms, 5(2):250:261, 2007
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0019.pdf, details ]
On the online track assignment problem
Marc Demange, Gabriele Di Stefano and Benjamin Leroy-Beaulieu
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0028.pdf, details ]
Re-scheduling of railway rolling stock during track maintenance
Gabriella Budai, Gabor Maroti, Rommert Dekker, Dennis Huisman, Leo Kroon
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0032.pdf, details ]
Passenger Railway Optimization
A. Caprara, L. Kroon, M. Monaci, M. Peeters, P. Toth
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0035.pdf, details ]
Shunting of Passenger Train Units: an Integrated Approach
L.G. Kroon, R.M. Lentink, A. Schrijver
Submitted to Transportation Science
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0041.pdf, details ]
Decision Support for Crew Rostering at NS
A. Hartog, D. Huisman, E.J.W. Abbink, and L.G. Kroon
Submitted to: Proceedings of CASPT2006
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0042.pdf, details ]
Disruption Management in Passenger Railway Transportation
J. Jespersen-Groth, D. Potthoff, J. Clausen, D. Huisman, L.G. Kroon, G. Maroti, M. Nyhave Nielsen
Submitted to: Computers and Operations Research
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0043.pdf, details ]
Comparison of heuristic approaches for the multiple depot vehicle scheduling problem
A.-S. Pepin, G. Desaulniers, A. Hertz, D. Huisman
Submitted to: Journal of Scheduling
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0044.pdf, details ]
Solving a Real-World Train Unit Assignment Problem
V. Cacchiani, A. Caprara, P. Toth
presented at the 11th Combinatorial Optimization Workshop 2007
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0047.pdf, details ]
A contribution to the critical analysis and evaluation of existing methods for railway resource (re)scheduling
SNCF Technical Report
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0051.pdf, details ]
Algorithmic decision Support for Shunt Planning
Ramon Lentink
PhD Thesis, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 2006
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0058.pdf, details ]
Operations Research Models for Railway Rolling Stock Planning
Gabor Maroti
PhD Thesis, Eindhoven University of Technology, 2006
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0059.pdf, details ]
Efficient Circulation of Railway Rolling Stock
Arianna Alfieri, Rutger Groot, Leo Kroon, Lex Schrijver
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0060.pdf, details ]
On Robust Online Job Shop Scheduling
Michael Gatto, Peter Widmayer
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0062.pdf, details ]
Robust Algorithms and Price of Robustness in Shunting Problems
Serafino Cicerone, Gianlorenzo D'Angelo, Gabriele Di Stefano, Daniele Frigioni, Alfredo Navarra
to appear in ATMOS 2007 proceedings
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0072.pdf, details ]
Combinatorial Aspects of Move-Up Crews
Holger Flier, Abhishek Gaurav, and Marc Nunkesser
to appear in Operations Research Proceedings 2008
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0073.pdf, details ]
Models for Rearranging Train Cars
Gabriele Di Stefano, Jens Maue, Maciej Modelski, Alfredo Navarra, Marc Nunkesser, John van den Broek
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0089.pdf, details ]
A Local Dominance Procedure for Mixed-Integer Linear Programming
Matteo Fischetti and Domenico Salvagnin
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0093.pdf, details ]
Rolling Stock Planning: Adapting the Composition Model to the Operational Planning Phase
Wouter Mieras
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0111.pdf, details ]
A new Heuristic for Job Shops with No-Wait and Blocking Constraints
John van den Broek and Cor Hurkens
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0112.pdf, details ]
Absorption Robustness of Railway Resource Schedules
Lars Kjr Nielsen, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0113.pdf, details ]
Light Robustness
Matteo Fischetti and Michele Monaci
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0119.pdf, details ]
Re-scheduling in railways: the Rolling Stock Balancing Problem
Gabriella Budai, Gabor Maroti, Rommert Dekker, Dennis Huisman, Leo Kroon
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0120.pdf, details ]
Price of Recoverability for Railway Rolling Stock Planning
Valentina Cacchiani, Alberto Caprara, Laura Galli, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti, Paolo Toth
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0121.pdf, details ]
Move-up Train Units
Valentina Cacchiani, Alberto Caprara, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti, Paolo Toth
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0122.pdf, details ]
Robust Train Routing
Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0123.pdf, details ]
Can pure cutting plane algorithms work?
Arrigo Zanette, Matteo Fischetti and Egon Balas
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0124.pdf, details ]
Robustness of Rolling Stock Schedules
SNCF Technical Report GDA/DDA/ARRIVAL/WP43/080121
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0129.pdf, details ]
Solving Large Scale Crew Scheduling Problems by Using Iterative Partitioning
Erwin Abbink, Joel van't Wout and Dennis Huisman
ATMOS 2007
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0137.pdf, details ]
Maintenance Routing for Train Units: the Interchange Model
Gabor Maroti, Leo Kroon
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0138.pdf, details ]
Online Bounded Coloring of Permutation and Overlap Graphs
Marc Demange, Gabriele Di Stefano, Benjamin Leroy-Beaulieu
Electronic Notes in Discrete Matematics. To appear.
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0139.pdf, details ]
Multistage Methods for Freight Train Classification
Riko Jacob, Peter Marton, Jens Maue, and Marc Nunkesser
ATMOS 2007
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0140.pdf, details ]
A capacity test for shunting movements
J.J.J. van den Broek and L.G. Kroon
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0141.pdf, details ]
A column generation approach for the rail crew re-scheduling problem
Dennis Huisman
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0142.pdf, details ]
Developing a measure for robustness for crew schedules of Netherlands Railways
Chrissy Tan
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0143.pdf, details ]
Algorithmic Methods for Railway Optimization
Frank Geraets, Leo Kroon, Anita Schoebel, Dorothea Wagner, Christos Zaroliagis (editors)
LNCS volume 4359
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0145.pdf, details ]
Linien-, Fahrplan-, Umlauf- und Dienstplanoptimierung: Wie weit knnen diese bereits integriert werden?
Christian Liebchen
HEUREKA 2008 Tagungsbericht
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0154.pdf, details ]
A Decision Support Framework for Rolling Stock Rescheduling
Lars Kjr Nielsen
Submitted to and winner of 2008 INFORMS Railway Applications Section Student Paper Contest
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0158.pdf, details ]
A constant-approximate feasibility test for multiprocessor real-time scheduling
V. Bonifaci, A. Marchetti Spaccamela, S. Stiller
ESA 2008
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0159.pdf, details ]
Robustness by cutting planes and the Uncertain Set Covering Problem
Matteo Fischetti, Michele Monaci
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0162.pdf, details ]
A cooperative framework between optimization and simulation to adress on-line re-scheduling problems
L. Gely, D. Feillee and G. Dessagne
IAROR - RailZurich2009
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0178.pdf, details ]
Treelike Comparability Graphs
Sabine Cornelsen and Gabriele Di Stefano
Discrete Applied Mathematics, 2009. To appear.
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0181.pdf, details ]
Distance-Hereditary Comparability Graphs
Gabriele Di Stefano
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0182.pdf, details ]
Marc Peeters and Leo Kroon
Computers and Operations Research
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0183.pdf, details ]
Evaluation of Computational Methods for Freight Train Classification Schedules
Jens Maue, Marc Nunkesser
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0184.pdf, details ]
Evaluation of the robustness of rolling stock schedules
D. De Almeida, C. Rovetta and F. Sourd
SNCF Technical Report GDA/DDA/ARRIVAL/WP44/8406080807
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0185.pdf, details ]
Recoverable Robustness for Railway Rolling Stock Planning
Valentina Cacchiani, Alberto Caprara, Laura Galli, Leo Kroon, Gabor Maroti, Paolo Toth
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0186.pdf, details ]
The hardness of train arrangements
C. Eggermont, C. Hurkens, G. Woeginger, M. Modelski
to appear in Operations Research Letters (2009)
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0187.pdf, details ]
A Branch & Bound Algorithm for Job Shops with No-wait and Blocking Precedence Constraints
J.J.J. van den Broek and C.A.J. Hurkens
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0188.pdf, details ]
The New Dutch Timetable: The OR Revolution
L.G. Kroon, D. Huisman, E.J.W. Abbink, P.J. Fioole, M. Fischetti, G. Maroti, A. Schrijver, A. Steenbeek and R. Ybema
Interfaces 39(1), pp. 6–17, 2009
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0195.pdf, details ]
A Rolling Horizon Based Framework for Rolling Stock Rescheduling
Lars Kjr Nielsen, Leo Kroon, and Gabor Maroti
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0205.pdf, details ]
Column generation with dynamic duty selection for railway crew rescheduling
Daniel Potthoff, Dennis Huisman, Guy Desaulniers
submitted to Transportation Science
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0208.pdf, details ]
A Task Based Model for Rolling Stock Scheduling
Lars Kjr Nielsen
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0209.pdf, details ]
Evaluation of advanced solution techniques for railway Mixed-Integer Programs
Matteo Fischetti, Andrea Lodi, Domenico Salvagnin and Arrigo Zanette
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0237.pdf, details ]
An Approach to Rapid Transit Rolling Stock Assignment
ngel Marn, Luis Cadarso
Conference Rail Zurich2009
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0239.pdf, details ]
The Rapid Transit Routing Problem
ngel Marn, Luis Cadarso
11th International Conference on Advanced Systems for Public Transport (CASPT 2009) (20–22 June 2009) Hong-Kong
[ ARRIVAL-TR-0240.pdf, details ]
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