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The main aim of this WP is to initiate and explore entirely new modelling and algorithmic approaches in the broad areas of very large-scale robust and online optimization, distilling and generalizing the inherent mathematical and algorithmic ideas arising in the overall project. We proceed in three interdependent stages with increasing level of scientific challenge, innovation, and risk:

WP Leader: Prof. Dr. Rolf Moehring (TUB)
Technical Reports for WP1

The main goal in this WP is to design robust network and line plans under customer-oriented or cost-oriented objectives. In particular, we aim at:

WP Leader: Prof. Dr. Christos Zaroliagis (CTI)
Technical Reports for WP2

This WP addresses the design of robust timetables and their online update. In particular, we aim at:

WP Leader Prof. Dr. Matteo Fischetti (DEI)
Technical Reports for WP3

The objectives of this WP are the development of:

WP Leader: Prof. Dr. L.G. Kroon (EUR)
Technical Reports for WP4

The goal of this WP is to address “delay management”, i.e., the passenger oriented immediate reaction of a railway system to small disturbances. In particular, we plan to:

WP Leader: Prof. Dr. Anita Schoebel (UniGoe)
Technical Reports for WP5

The aim of this workpackage is:

WP Leader: Prof. Dr. Dorothea Wagner (UniKarl)
Technical Reports for WP6

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