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EDITORS: Ravindra Ahuja, Rolf Moehring, and Christos Zaroliagis



Scheduled transportation networks give rise to very complex and large-scale network optimization problems requiring innovative solution techniques and ideas from mathematical optimization and theoretical computer science. A prime application domain providing a fair amount of the most complex and largest in scale instances of such optimization problems is that of railway systems. Railway optimization deals with planning and scheduling problems over several time horizons, and quite some progress has been made for stategic planning and scheduling problems in the railway domain.

In this volume, we focus on two important facets of railway planning that pose even harder optimization questions: robust planning and online (real-time) planning. These two, tightly coupled, facets constitute a proactive and a reactive approach, respectively, to deal with disruptions to the normal operation.

We seek contributions that cover any aspect of robust and online large-scale optimization including (but not limited to):

The contributions can be either research papers or survey articles. Although the focus of the volume is on railway systems, important contributions to other public transportation domains will also be considered.

The submitted contributions will go through the standard peer-review refereeing process and only those contributions that pass the refereeing process will appear in the special volume.


Contributions should be prepared in LaTeX2e using the instructions for LNCS Authors provided by Springer. Details on the submission procedure can be found here.



The volume will be published by Springer in its “State-of-the-art” LNCS series.


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